Projects in daily life

4 min readNov 23, 2020

It is a natural part of anyone’s life to seek at some point a process of continuous improvement, set goals and objectives to be able to reach a process of personal fulfillment, regardless of whether they are looking to lose weight, create streams of income or even improve their emotional state of life, in order to guarantee or increase the chances of success in these endeavors, it is necessary to start with seeing the projects in people’s daily lives.

A common mistake is to think that projects are for the exclusive use of companies, the government and those entrepreneurs who have a startup in their mind.

The projects must be part of the daily structure of the people, since they can be the difference between being able to fulfill the objectives and goals that are raised every day.

An essential part of project management is planning, projection and prospecting, which if we transfer it to individual concepts of people, is the formula, nothing mysterious about how we can achieve what we propose.

This formula is made up of three elements:

  • Planning:

When we divide a task into steps, that is when we start a project.

This is the case of planning, where what we are looking for is to have a clear idea of ​​what we want to achieve or where we want to go (A key part to be able to generate a planning is having a clear scope, or at least sufficiently defined to be able to plan).

The more specific we are in breaking down a task, the higher the percentage probability that it will be carried out.

We rarely dedicate time to plan the activities we do, being that this is the initial step that leads us to know exactly what we need to do to be able to get to where we have imagined ourselves to be.

  • Projection

When thinking of planning as a little-done process in our daily lives, projection is something that is done less frequently.

Projection is the power to answer the question, Why do we do what we are going to do?

It may be a bit romantic or even unnecessary, you might think, however being able to put this activity in writing for each of the activities we do in a project, from the main activity to the more detailed one, gives us an idea of ​​why we do the things and what is even more important, why we should do it.

The projection of a project is the closest you have to its mission and vision, in order to always have as a guide the importance of each of the steps to be carried out.

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash
  • Prospecting

At this moment we already know what we want to achieve, how we are going to do it and the importance it has, now we must take into account the resources that are available to carry out the project.

The resources are various and the more we can break down the more accurate we will be regarding the feasibility of our project.

Clear or common examples of these are financial, human resources or even time.

The main reason why projects fail is the lack of resources to carry them out, even the will being a resource that at times can become scarce.

Before undertaking a project, small, medium or large, we have to know if we have what is required to carry it out, or if we do not have it, to have the idea of ​​how we are going to achieve it.

Although it sounds more like a process to be implemented in a company, starting a project in one person is just as important as starting a business. The impact may vary, but what we always seek is to achieve what we set out to do.

When we want to achieve something, regardless of the niche, be it personal, business, community, the steps are generally the same, where we have to dedicate the time to start, plan, project and prospect.

Being redundant, what is sought is always to achieve the objectives.




I strongly believe that project management is key in life as it is in business. It help us achieve our goals and maintain a balanced life.